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Football Club Snoods

Ah, football. Don’t you just love it? Whether you’re a player or spectator, there’s nothing quite like hearing the roaring crowds and feeling the pumping atmosphere of the pitch.

We all know that any part of playing or watching football is sticking your neck out for your team…but you want to make sure your neck’s still toasty!

Enter the humble snood!

Today we’re taking you through the top reasons why you need a football snood. Whatever you’re after, one thing’s for sure: we can design it and make it!

Here at, we’ve got whatever snood you’re looking to have made – no matter the styles, details, or number of badges or logos.

Not only are snoods as cosy and reliable as a scarf, but they come in an array of materials and colours. Perfect, right?

Read on if you want to know which item is perfect for you.


Breathable? Yep. Stretchable Lycra? Check. Stylish while running down the wing right before you whip in a cross? Well…at least our snood can guarantee the stylish part of that statement.

All of our neck warmer products on our shop at are all made from breathable stretchable lycra which not only provides warmth on the pitch but also protection during these current circumstances.

We offer 3 different UK sizes of comfortable neck warmer reusable face coverings, with full-colour digital print for high-quality designs! All our material comply with legal guidelines and can be worn as protection during the current climate.


These UK sizes are small, medium, and large. Further information about neck warmer sizes can be found on our site. However our…

Small snood is recommended for a child up to five years old.

Medium snood is recommended for a six to thirteen years old.

Large snood is recommended for an adult.

*These are based on the average demographic of a typical child and adult from the United Kingdom*


Neck Warmer Customization

Whether you support the red side of Manchester, or the sky blue, we have the snood for you… along with the other thousands of neck warmer styles on the website. All of our football products have complete design versatility, whether it’s your ‘Local Sunday League’ Football Team logo or your online ‘Fantasy Football’ logo from Fifa Pro Clubs we can print it on a snood. (Minimum order quantity applies)

On the topic of Sunday League football teams, our snood is a popular way for clubs to raise funds. Reach out via Messenger and one of our handy designers will assist you to get the right design you are after! An ideal product for both large or small squads, tall or small, Premier league, or Sunday league. Our neck warmers also make for a perfect gift.

One thing is for sure, footballers are loyal to their clubs and anytime they can add an idem of clothing to their custom club stash they do… so why not make some money from it to grow the football club even more!

With winter drawing in and cold dark nights around the corner your football players will be screaming for some additional warmth and protection!

Inspired Team Football Snoods

Here at Club Snood, we have a wide range of teams, in fact, almost 7000 teams have had their own crest on one of our custom football snoods already! So it’s safe to say you won’t be the first person to be lost by choice. Join the likes of our top sellers Washington Utd FC or English Sunday League top sellers FC Fenway Falcons by getting your design printed on our neck warmer. The perfect companion to coincide with your club shirts.

Our website offers customers the option to order either an established club from our collection or the option to fully customise their football snood to have the crest they so choose in any colour scheme! No design is no problem on our neck warmer.

Logo Requirements

It is important to note that we cannot print any trademarked logos, such as Nike or Adidas  or Premier League club badges on any size neck warmer. This is due to you not having trademark permissions to use the logo. Custom logos whether for a gift or commercial use must all be owned by the customer.


All of our football snood products come with free delivery no matter the product type or price! Delivery of our high-quality football snoods is a minimum of 30 days, however we aim to deliver with 14 days and 92% of orders are shipped before the 30th day. Our versatile catalogue menu provides customers with complete customization at a price no one can argue with…free! However, as a cost of this, unfortunately, it can result in a slightly longer shipment time, which is a small price to pay for a customised neck warmer to go with your gloves this winter! 

With minimum orders of 25 snoods typically being the shorter side of this delivery spectrum and obviously, the larger customized discounted orders (of anything up to over 1000 snoods) can understandably take a lot longer.

Do feel free to reach out for help by getting in touch with a member of our site through our social media or website! Keep up to date with your neck warmer delivery, as full transparency is something we take pride in on the customer experience service side of our operations.

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