Does your club need personalised snoods?

Personalised snood

Personalised Snoods (Also known as neck warmers, tube bandanas or tubular neck scarves) are getting a revival!

Previously limited to cool sports like extreme fishing, Snoods are now proving to be essential personal protective equipment and what’s better than having a snood? Well..your own personalised snood of course…?

Not only are Snoods ridiculously stylish…but they also protect from harmful germs and bacteria in the air as they easily lift up and over the nose.

The materials used in neck warmers can sustain high temperatures which makes them easy to clean and keep germ free as they can be chucked into a high-temperature wash.

During these uncertain times, it is important to be vigilant and mindful about social distancing while protecting ourselves from harmful germs in the air.

Snoods act as a perfect eco-friendly and sustainable substitute to disposable face masks which last only one day before being disposed of! So it makes sense to invest in a personalise snood just for you right? Exactly, lets continue.


Here at, we have provided high quality, comfortable and eco-friendly neck warmers to over 7000 sports clubs across the UK.

Among the list of elite sports clubs are Aston Villa, Lancaster Rovers and Dartford FC.

The personalisation of our neck warmers is quick and easy to do and the best part? It is absolutely free at not extra hidden cost.

Personalised sports tubular neck scalves are a budget-friendly product which can prevent germs from spreading, while they also look stylish and less restrictive than standard face masks. They can discourage the wearer from touching their faces and carry on with social distancing habits. can design and print personalised neck scarves so that they match existing sports kits and brand identity.

Perfect for keeping your face, ears and neck warm and can be used as a mask, scarf, bandana, headband and even a wrist band.


Our product is made from the highest quality breathable stretchable lycra. A material which is comfortable on the face and does not irritate the skin. Suitable for daily frequent long term use.

The beauty of neck tube scarfs are their reusability and that is thanks to the lycra material we use. It is easy to wash and reuse, while also being able to withstand the high temperatures required to kill all the germs. Fear not though, you can also hand wash our neck tube scarf if you don’t have access to a washing machine between uses!

Lycra is a stretchy and breathable material with excellent water repellent properties, so there is no fear for the snood to not fit as it is designed to be worn in multiple ways! The versatility of the snood is what makes it stand out head and shoulders above any of its personal protection equipment competition.

Some of our product also has water repellent polar fleece fabric, with a sublime sherpa fleece lining. Perfect for keeping you warm in the cold winter nights. Our polar fleece neck tube scarf with sherpa fleece lining is also fully customisable for your own personalisation.

Reach out for any questions or inquiries you have about our product or prices!

Neck Tubes vs Facemasks

If a year ago, you’d have said: in 2020 the world will start wearing masks as the new social norm. I don’t think even the most gullible of people would have believed you. Yet here we are, adapting to the new social norms post Covid19 pandemic.

Mask wearing won’t be looked at as bizarre behaviour in the UK, in fact we reckon here at clubsnood that it will be a ritual for most people to pop on a face mask on when going to public areas, supermarkets, shopping or even a footy match.

Gone are the days of not wearing masks to public areas. So why not invest in a personalised snood?


  • Fully Customisable Neck Tube Scarf
  • Versatile wear, as they can be worn in ten different ways
  • Reusable as they can be washed
  • Personalisation


  • Can only be used once
  • Can only be worn around the mouth
  • Disposed of after use

Personal Protective Snoods can be worn everyday anytime anywhere, they are lightweight and don’t restrict movement and protect you from viruses!

Inspired Snoods

Here at, we have worked with over 7000 clubs to create a vast portfolio of personalised snoods! Why would you go anywhere else?

If you were to look up personalisation in the dictionary you’d probably find Clubsnood product somewhere in the definition…maybe? Well, we’d like to think so anyway.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your design or colourway, feel free to flick through our website at all the designs we’ve completed in the past! Or better, reach out to us through the messenger software on the site! Where a member of our team would be more than happy to help out!

Personalised Gift Options

A snood is a perfect gift. Especially under these current global conditions. With Christmas around the corner or even a gift for preseason! Our product can be bulk produced in quantities of anywhere from 25 products to over 1000+!

Moreover, our products have been a popular method of raising funds for clubs. This is due to the human desire to feel associated with something!

Supporting a sports club is the closest thing to modern-day religion. The kit of the team is the robes, the stadium is the place of worship, the chants are the hymn lyrics, the badge is the symbol and fans go every weekend!

So when it comes to raising money, fans of the team want to be associated with it too, which is where selling our personalised team neck tubes have proven successful in raising funds for the clubs as the products sell FAST!


These United Kingdom sizes are small, medium, and large. Further information about neck warmer sizes can be found on our site. However our…

Small snood is recommended for a child up to five years old.

Medium snood is recommended for a six to thirteen years old.

Large snood is recommended for an adult.

*These are based on the average demographic of a typical child and adult from the United Kingdom so be sure to check your shopping basket to check appropriate size*

Logo Requirments

It is important to note that we cannot print any trademarked logos. Custom logos whether for a gift or pro commercial use, must all be owned by the customer. The image must be of good quality and high resolution. Images which arent good quality run the risk of being distorted.


All of our snood products come with free delivery no matter the neck tube or price! Delivery time of our high-quality personalised football neck tubes can take anywhere from 7-31 days subject to the type of order you make. Obviously larger item quantities will take longer and shipped in batches. Again, it is important to ensure you have the correct quantity and size in the shopping basket.

Further information about neck warmer delivery can be found on our site.

Our versatile catalogue menu provides customers with complete customization at a price no one can argue with…free! However, as a cost of this, unfortunately, it can result in a slightly longer shipment time, which is a small price to pay for a customised neck warmer to go with your gloves this winter!

With minimum orders of 25 typically being the shorter side of the delivery time spectrum and obviously, the larger customized discounted orders (of anything up to over 1000) can understandably take a lot longer.

Do feel free to reach out for help by getting in touch with a member of our site through our social media or website! Keep up to date with your neck warmer delivery, as full transparency is something we take pride in on the customer experience service side of our operations.

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