Does your company require snoods for employees?

Company snood

So you’re after some extra protection for your staff, but they’re all tired of wearing PPE masks?

Today we’re going to be talking to you about why you need to get your staff wearing customised company snoods instead!

Our product is the new 2020 trend and has been revived thanks to the unfortunate current climate the world is going through right now thanks to the pandemic.

What are they?

Not only are snoods as cosy and reliable as a scarf, but they come in an array of materials and colours. Perfect, right? But back to the question: What is a snood?

Well. We’re glad you asked. A snood is basically a 21st-century face mask. They’re an oblong lycra neck tube which you put over your head beneath your chin and stretch over your mouth and nose. Snoods provide the security of a PPE face mask but with extra comfort and warmth while also being completely customisable!

How customisable you ask?


Put it this way you can have whatever logo you want on a snood as long as you have permission from the copyright holder of the image.

Company logo? Sure. Favourite football team? Why not. Picture of your dog? Yea maybe not that. But the point still stands, any logo can be used!

Snood vs Scarves?

Kicking things off a snood is kind of similar to a scarf but also at the same time they’re completely different. Similar in the way they go around your neck but that’s about as far as the comparisons go.

Scarves aren’t as good for protecting against dangerous germs or harmful viruses nor can they be customised to have your company logo printed onto them.

In terms of protection, our products can be worn in public as they meet the government regulations for suitable face protection, meaning you can walk around town or go into stores wearing them with your company logo on full display. Whereas scarves do not.


If you are a new customer and need help with sizing: our product is available in small, medium, and large. Further information about neck warmer size can be found on our site. However our…

Small size is recommended for a child up to five years old.

Medium size is recommended for a six to thirteen years old.

Large size is recommended for an adult.

*These are based on the average demographic of a typical child and adult from the United Kingdom, be sure to double-check your shopping cart to ensure the correct sizes or chosen*


All of our company snoods come with free shipping no matter the product item! Delivery of our high-quality product can take anywhere from 7-31 days subject to the type of order you make. Orders can also be tracked online no matter the colour or style.

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