Fundraising ideas for football clubs

Fundraising ideas for football clubs

So you’re looking to raise money for your football club but you don’t have any fundraising ideas? Does the team need new training equipment, kits and footballs?

Maybe you need some extra cash to help out with the maintenance of the pitch but you don’t have the budget?

The money needed to start, let alone run a grassroots football team soon amounts up! You can be hundreds of pounds out of pocket before a ball is even kicked

How you tackle your fundraising will decide upon whether your team will be financially successful or not.

Well you’re in luck, as you’re going to learn about all the ways you can fundraise money to help the club you love.

Fundraising Ideas

When fundraising for your club it’s important to look at it from a broad perspective and not from a selfish one. A football supplier will not just dish out free kit for nothing in return! What can your team do for them is what they’ll be thinking!

Advertising & Promotion

A football supplier isn’t going to throw free equipment at you, however, there are ways you can get free equipment from them. One of these methods is to promote their products and equipment through your club’s social media posts.

Equipment suppliers will often give free equipment in return for free publicity via an article on your football club website.

Advertising can cost up to £100-200 pounds depending on your clubs reach and engagement. Therefore, suppliers are often happy to exchange their kit for your online community and engagement.

Bring Club Members Together

A great way to bring money into the club is through your own team members! One of the more popular football fundraising ideas is to start from the bottom up!

Each team usually has parents who are connected with businesses who would be willing to exchange the financial support in return for their logo being printed on your clubs kit or even just some advertising space such as on your pitches advertising boards.

Organisations love to help local sports clubs and give sponsorship deals as it promotes their company in a good light, so take advantage of them!

Fundraising Events

One of the more popular fundraising ideas is to start a fundraising page. Parents, the team’s fan base, players and friends are an easy way to bring money into the club. Fundraiser events can be as simple as selling bacon baps at a matchday to fans!

Bag packing at local businesses is another popular way for clubs to bring people together and raise money for their sports club.

Or you could get players to do car washes in your club car park on a hot summers day! An event such as this is an easy way to raise funds from parents and fans without directly asking them for help!

Sell Branded Merch

The final method and arguably one of the BEST fundraising ideas a football club can do to raise money is: to sell club merchandise at a football match!

Fans and parents want to be part of the team! The best football fundraising ideas are without a doubt custom clothing!

Now, what custom clothing can clubs sell??

Well, now more than ever there is a serious demand for personal protection equipment, thanks to the unfortunate global pandemic.

However, a way to make the most of this bad situation is to sell custom team-branded PPE!

Clubsnood are a company which sells custom branded football snoods for teams across the globe! Your clubs’ team members and even parents & fans will all want to get involved!

What is a snood?

Snoods are now proving to be essential personal protective equipment and what’s better than having a snood? Well, your own personalised snood of course?

Snoods are oblong tubes, made from breathable and stretchable lycra. They rest over the neck and when you want additional warmth or protection when going into a public area you lift then up and over your nose!

Not only are Snoods ridiculously stylish…but they also protect from harmful germs and bacteria in the air as they easily lift up and over the nose.

Current laws in the UK allow neckwarmers to be used as a face covering in these trying times. Instead of taking a disposable mask just pull up the neckwarmer and you’re good to go.

Snoods are a lot more environmentally friendly compared to PPE face masks but more importantly, they’re a lot more convenient as it’s one less thing to remember when leaving the house!


Clubsnood offer free personalisation, which includes having your football teams logo and colour printed onto a snood! Ideal for raising money as players, fans, parents and even friends will want to invest.

Clubsnood has worked with over 7000 football teams. The need to raise money for football clubs is very common but with most football fundraising ideas during this current climate proving difficult, due to social distancing, ideas like this are a brilliant way for a football club to raise funds.

Fundraising ideas like custom snoods are proving very popular as it is a legal requirement to wear PPE in public places such as at grassroot football matches so whats, not a better method to fundraise money than to create custom merch, which not only looks good but also protects your team and fans.

People love to feel connected and associated to their team! So fundraising ideas like custom merch are undoubtedly one of the best during these tiring times.

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