Men’s Snoods

Snood for men

Like most men, we forget things. Important things. Things which you wish you didn’t forget but you forgot and now you’re here without the thing you forgot wishing you hadn’t forgotten it…right?

Recently, due to the unforeseen nightmare that is the global pandemic, us Men have been given another thing to add to the list of things we can’t forget. Facemasks.

Now, what if we told you there was a solution which meant you’d never have to remember to bring a facemask when you go out for a run? Or when you go out to football practice? Or even when the Mrs tells you to go grab some milk from the shop? A stylish solution which is not only more comfortable but also more environmentally friendly and warm.

Introducing the new legal acceptable face-covering solution:

We are of course talking about: Snoods.

The Law

Wearing a PPE mask in shops, banks, on public transport, supermarkets and while picking up ordered takeaway food and drink is now a mandatory requirement in the UK. If you fail to adhere to the law you can expect to be hit with a fine of up to £200, subject to where you live!

The UK government has now added snoods to the list of acceptable face coverings! Which means goodbye to the old itchy days of non-environmentally friendly face masks!

While a snood won’t offer any ‘additional’ protection when compared to a face mask, one thing they can provide is a lot more comfort.

Facemasks with their uncomfortable elastic ear straps and bandanas with their suffocation of blood circulation are a thing of the past thanks to these new government regulations.

The Snood Solution:

Snoods are made from a lightweight, breathable and stretchy lycra fabric which hugs your face without any unbearable compression.

You’ll find a whole host of other reasons to invest in a snood, including snoods that offer UV protection, some made from recycled materials, plus they can be worn multiple ways (as hair ties, headbands, bandanas) when they’re not covering your face.

The REAL reason why us men should invest in a snood:

Thanks to websites such as we can now not only buy luxury snoods conveniently over the internet, with minimal effort nor hassle, but we can also now buy them with our favourite sports teams logo printed on!

Clubsnood has worked with over 7000 sports clubs worldwide and has provided them with high quality, luxury snoods which offer the teams full protection from spreading harmful germs and viruses.

Although masks have been proven to not prevent catching germs and viruses they have been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of the wearer spreading germs. Thus protecting the ones around them.

Snoods give you the best of both worlds at an appealing price range. They’re comfortable and will give you the best experience while shopping and doing other daily errands during these uncertain times. has possibly the biggest collection of snoods to choose from in the country while also giving customers the option to design their own at no extra cost!


The verdict is this: Snoods are coming back into fashion. It’s unusual for us men to have this much insider knowledge into the fashion game but thanks to the national pandemic we do. If you’re not rocking a snood then you best believe your best mate will be.


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