Snoods for Boxing Clubs

Boxing snood

Ding! Ding!, it’s the final round of the fight you spent the last four months giving blood, sweat and tears for.

Your body is sore, your mind is telling you to quit but you remind yourself of your journey to get here, you remind yourself of everything you sacrificed, everything you put yourself through to reach this moment.

You remember those cold, dark and brisk winter mornings. Where the clock would strike 4 am and set your alarm went off! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Tired, cold but motivated to be great you got up and get ready for your morning runs and training sessions to get to this moment you’re in now.

When you used to grab your thermals, snood and running shoes on your way to the door.

All to get to where you are now. Now’s your time to be great.

Revolutionise your winter training with one of our personalized boxing snoods over at:

One thing’s for sure, if you want to be great you’ve got to do great things. Getting a boxing snood and going on 4 am runs is only the start. But you’ve got to start somewhere, right?


All of our boxing snoods are breathable, warm and provide protection from harmful germs and viruses in the air. Snoods also fully cover the bottom half of your face to prevent yourself from accidentally touching your mouth or nose during the current global climate.

If you’re serious about your boxing, you should be serious about your health. Take the first step to protecting yourself from the harmful viruses out there by purchasing a snood from us today at


Snood size is as follows: small, medium, and large.

Further information about snood size ‘s can be found on our site.

Neck Warmer Customisation

Here at we have over 7000 existing snood designs in multiple colours to choose from. While also offering free personalisation on snood orders over 25 with further discount prices for bigger quantities. Personalisation includes colours, logo and pattern. Perfect for if you own a boxing club and want to sell snoods to your customers. The results of our customisation speak for themselves with our array of positive client reviews!

Logo Requirments

It is important to note that we cannot print any trademarked logos on our products. Custom logos whether for a gift or pro commercial use, must all be owned by the customer.


All of our snood products come with free delivery no matter the item or price! Delivery of our products can take anywhere from 7-31 days subject to the type of order you make. One of the results of a bulk order is that it will take longer and maybe shipped in batches but are still free delivery.

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