Snoods for Cycling Clubs

Cycling snood

Picture a world where you don’t finish your cycle with wind burnt rosy cheeks, a world where your helmet doesn’t chafe your neck… pretty difficult thing to imagine right?

This is because you have been cycling wrong your entire life! No, I am not talking about physically your cycling technique, yes I am talking about your choice of cycling gear!

You are about to learn all about the secrets of the snood and how you can wave good bye to all your previous cycling problems thanks to our product!

What are Snoods?

Riding during the winter is the worst. The bitterly cold breeze feels like thousands of shards of glass slicing up your redraw neck when you are spinning at speed.

This is where snoods enter the picture…or neckwarmer if you will. These are an essential weapon of winter cycling.

So what really is a snood?

Well, it’s basically a tube-shaped scarf, this versatile piece of lycra material protects everything from your neck up to your rosy cheeks depending on how you wear it. Snoods also double up as bandanas and head scarfs, too.

Neckwarmers, especially for cyclists need to be breathable, otherwise, they won’t guard your lungs against the ice-cool air. The beauty of a snood is its ability to let water vapour escape. Providing full protection from conditions winter throws at you.


While being made of a stretchy, lightweight material, snoods do however come in three sizes: Small, medium and large.

Small snood is recommended for a child up to five years old.

Medium snood is recommended for a six to thirteen years old.

Large snood is recommended for an adult.

*These are based on the average demographic of a typical child and adult from the United Kingdom*


Current laws in the UK allow neckwarmers to be used as a face covering in these trying times. Instead of taking a disposable mask just pull up the neckwarmer and you’re good to go.

Snoods are a lot more environmentally friendly compared to face masks but more importantly, they’re a lot more convenient for cyclist as it’s one less thing to remember!

Cycling snoods are an important item to any serious riders wardrobe. If you’re serious about cycling a snood is a must.

Cycling Club?

Member of a cycling club? Want your logo printed onto a handful of snoods? Well, you’ve found the right place if you answered yes to that question: Our snoods here at come with free personalisation enabling you to design your neck warmers to be any colour with almost any logo!

We have provided snoods for over 7000 clubs and all the designs are on our store website. Our huge range of designs are available for all to see and review.

Our snoods are also an ideal way to bring revenue into the club as they can be sold to members to raise money!


Our product is all made out of breathable lycra which is stretchy enough to fit around any neck. While also being very breathable and comfortable. Ideal for any cyclist looking for that extra bit of warmth and performance this winter.

Logo Requirments

It is important to note that we cannot print any trademarked logos, such as Nike or Adidas on any size neck warmer. This is due to Nike and Adidas having copyright infringements on their logo. Custom logos whether for a gift or commercial use must all be owned by the customer.


All of our cycling snood products come with free delivery no matter the product type or price! Delivery of our high-quality football snoods can take anywhere from 7-31 days subject to the type of order you make.

Our versatile catalogue menu provides customers with complete customization at a price no one can argue with…free! However, as a cost of this, unfortunately, it can result in a slightly longer shipment time, which is a small price to pay for a customised neck warmer to go with your gloves this winter! Keep up to date with updates to shipping arrangements in our newsletter.

With minimum orders of 25 snoods typically being the shorter side of this delivery spectrum and obviously, the larger customized discounted orders (of anything up to over 1000 snoods) can understandably take a lot longer.

Do feel free to reach out for help by getting in touch with a member of our site through our social media or website! Keep up to date with your neck warmer delivery, as full transparency is something we take pride in on the customer experience service side of our operations.

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