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Rugby snood

Crouch! Bind! Set! Snoods 2… 3… 4…?

Rugby, what a sport, what a game, what a physical contest! Whether you’re a fan up in the stands or a pro passing rugby balls on the pitch, the sport is just special regardless of where you’re watching it.

Words don’t quite do the game justice, but you know what else words can do justice…? Describing the comfort and warmth you get from one of our Rugby Snoods.

For players, those cold, dark and frosty training sessions are difficult enough on their own let alone the arctic conditions.

However, a popular way to combat these problems is by wearing one of our rugby snoods.

As cosy and reliable as a scarf, but they come in an array of materials and colours, perfect for keeping you or your players warm during these dark nights right? Versatile in nature, no one set way to wear them, the item of clothing is as multipurpose as it gets.

Whether you’re after men’s or womens clothing, adults or kids protection, If you’re looking to invest in kitting out you and the team with some winter training gear, well you’ve found the right place. A snood is an ideal baselayer to partner other winter clothing such as a beanie or headband.


Our Rugby snood is made from soft, breathable water-resistant lycra which is stretchy enough to fit over the biggest of necks…

Whether you’re a back or front row, scrum-half or a prop there will be a size in our shop which any player can use. No snood or pro will be left behind.

Snoods are the ideal baselayer to have under your training kit during sessions to provide that extra bit of protection from both the wind and rain.

The material used in the rugby snood is water-resistant and can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for hot washes to remove all dirt and germs.


These UK sizes are small, medium, and large. Further information about snood sizes can be found on our site. However our…

Small rugby snood is recommended for a child up to five years old.

Medium rugby snood is recommended for a six to thirteen years old.

Large rugby snood is recommended for an adult.

*These are based on the average demographic of a typical child and adult from the United Kingdom*

Snood Customization

The beauty of our product is without a doubt its customisation. That’s what really sets us apart from the rest. With customers getting full control of the logo and colour scheme our product is the definition of customisable.

Whether you’re the local university first team or the professional England Women’s national team, our suppliers can without a doubt provide you with the product you’re after.

Inspired Team Rugby Snoods

You won’t be the first and hopefully not the last customer to approach us for our custom rugby snoods as we have worked with over 7000 clients and have an array of varieties available for you to browse on our site.

Some of the rugby clubs we’ve provided clothing for stretch as far as Old Newtonians RFC to the University of Leicester RFC.

Logo Requirments

It is important to note services don’t include printing any trademarked logos, such as Nike or Adidas on any size snood. Custom logos whether for a gift or commercial use must all be owned by the customer.


All of our rugby snood products come with free delivery no matter the type or price of the items! Delivery of our high-quality rugby snoods can take anywhere from 7-31 days subject to the type of order you make. Do feel free to reach out for help about your order by getting in touch with a member of our shop through our social media or website! Keep up to date with your snood delivery, as full transparency is something we take pride in on the customer experience service side of our operations.

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